Thursday, June 03, 2010

Withdrawel From All Group Social Media In Response to Facebook.Com Abuse

When social media started I loved it. It was the high tech equivalent to "water cooler" conversation in brick-and-mortar office. Since I virtually "live" on my computer this new form of "community" was perfect.

Companies honored their privacy agreements. What you desired to be kept private actually stayed that way.

Then got really big and popular. They just couldn't resist the pull of all that interpersonal data not being shared with advertising firms and God-knows-who-else. Now, if a friend of mine clicks something which pulls them into being picked-up by other cites, I'm dragged along. I say "hell no!"

If I know you well enough to have your email, or phone number we can remain in touch. Otherwise, I'm beginning the somewhat difficult process of "pulling out" of social media.

I believe this slow exodus of users from social media will be the beginning of the downfall of another abuse of customer trust. Greed never learns.

When you permanently delete your account, it isn't "real" for 2 weeks, while someone prays you change your mind. ba-bye! ba-bye!