Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quick Update On Why Government subsidized Housing Doesn't Work.

Happily a small community near me has a nice web page where they advertise when SECTION 8 or CITY-BASED housing options become available..

I am 57, legally blind AND use a walker. My current room is a 30-stair walk-up, (no elevator). Yeah, its probably illegal, but Landlord is excellent. (Besides suing him out of business would not secure me a better place to live. I'd just have NO place to live).

This city has 7 (seven) units that will become available for seniors (62+ ). My 2 major disabilities don't matter at all!

God, I love The Americans With Disabilities Act. Because of this legislation, I've become invisible!

There is a lottery of 100 (one hundred) spots that is being gathered now from (ready)? 10,000 (ten thousand) applications!

I am staying put and am not bothering to throw any paper after this particular mirage!

7/10,000 = Actual units/resident need = .07%

I no longer feel insane to realize that the government attempts to 'help' the poor are non-existent for me!

I finally let all of the government options lapse.

For the Hayward list, I was 153,482 in the run for Section 8.

In Berkeley I was 57,028. Actually got a voucher, but my disabilities were clearly stated on the application NOT to qualify for the building. So, I lost my place in line for a lie. This run to a voucher took over eight years! Can you say 'shell-game' anyone?

In Oakland I was #1! Yeah, for years. Every time a new HIV/AIDS patient came through, (you guessed it)! I was shot down to #2, or sometimes even #3. After years of this I finally let it lapse.

If I want to believe in fairy tales, I don't need the government to assist me.