Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What's Up With These People and Time? A Church Difficulty.

I just got back from attempting to attend a meeting where no one showed up at the scheduled time. My new church's one and darn near, only fault. They know they have a time problem and expect me to wait around for anywhere between a half-hour to an hour, in case they finally roll in. No, I will not agree to do that!

Tell me any employer who'd pay any worker who rolled in even thirty minutes late routinely. I have noticed, that in our busy age, people have forgotten how to plan ahead. I used to joke at my last church, that I WAS the plan. The pulling irons out of fire solution for throwing together the last minute xeroxed pieces from various places. With the aid of Nisus Writer,I'd craft and compile our teaching materials. I'd get a call, on a Tuesday, slightly hysterical, that they need it by Sunday. I have copied 100 xeroxed pages into Nisus Writer and delivered the job on time. (How many of you self-employed folks know about the all-nighter with coffee in one hand and a mouse in the other?) I have things to do, and waiting outside in the rain for a meeting, isn't a constructive use of my day.

Oh, but wait, where is my tolerance, patience and long-suffering? Yeah, sure, I may be more mature in my next post. Just remember the foolish virgins (Matt. 25:1-13) who had to buy oil for their lamps. The bride groom came and they weren't there (and got left out). Oh, but you counter with Samuel, the prophet (1 Sam. 13:7-13) being late and Saul taking on a priests job when he wasn't ordained. I interpret that as a problem between church workers. It would be like, if Pastor was late, and I jumped into the pulpit to take his role. As a new member, this would be a true no-no.

What, tolerance, patience and long-suffering? Naah.


steven edward streight said...

I absolutely hate the CEO pastor and Pastor-as-Head-of-Church idea.

Christian meetings were originally NOT "worship services" like we have now. It was more anarchy than hierarchy.

You are a member eternally of the body of Christ. You are not a "new member" of a "church" building. See what I mean? You are a priest.

You are not saved so you can go to heaven. You are saved so you can bring others with you to heaven.

You are now seated in the heavenlies with Christ, blessed with ALL heaven's splendor and blessings.

I am still looking for a "good church" if such a thing exists.

I hate how rigid, programmed, and boring church meetings are. I will not call them "services" like they're a bunch of consultants or tax form preparers.

You are right to be punctual and gung ho. I love your aggressive, questioning attitude.



steven edward streight said...
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CyberGal said...

Hey Steven: Put your comment in twice (oops)! You have a great spirit yourself. What makes the blogisphere such a neat place is all the different takes we all have on things. It has taken me so very long to really learn how to do this thing we call life. In a way, this whole blog is a huge thank-you note to God for hanging in with me long enough to heal.