Sunday, March 25, 2007

Re-learning to Type YIKES!

Just after getting my eMac, 3 years ago I played Super Collapse for at least 2 hours straight and totally wrecked my right wrist. BUT I GOT UP TO LEVEL 3! Oh, never mind. I read somewhere that the Dvorak keyboard layout is easier on one's hands and wrists.

Ever the pessimist I ASSUMED I'd never do any work outside my house. So, I undid 40 years of QWERTY touch typing and totally converted to the new layout. It took almost a year to regain my normal 45 WPM typing speed. My hand and wrist did indeed stop hurting and I felt smug. I now mouse around with my left hand. Another hard to change habit pattern, however, pain inspired me.

Then God surprised me with a tutoring job at church, working with kids and (what else?) computers! Opsie, can't go switching keyboard layouts all the time, now can I? SO I got out my typing driller and have gone back to QWERTY.

Gt; me lfu; It's driving me NUTS!

QWERTY home keys: a s d f g h j k l ;
DVORAK home keys: a e o u i d h t n s

Thankfully the #'s row is the same on both systems. I'm up to 20 wpm, SO SLOW!

There a post!

One of my fans accused me of being a slacker. Well one of their podcast feeds hasn't been used in SSSSSOOOOO long - I had to chase dust bunnies off of it!

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WolfDancer said...

Hi, if you really want to keep to Dvorak you probably have to cough up like I did. Spend about $100 and you can buy a TypeMatrix keyboard to carry around. They have a foldable model coming up so I probably will buy a second one.