Saturday, August 30, 2008

After 40 years I've Become A Democrat.

My first election I paid attention to was Nixon in "68. I couldn't vote, but I was up most of the night watching returns come in as a Freshman in High School. I devoured and loved the first two books written by Rush Limbaugh. The republican philosophy galvanized my dream of overcoming my legal blindness to take my place in the American Dream.

Even after mental illness, spiritual bankrupsy and being unable to support myself broke my spirit, I hung on to the rhetoric of the Republican party. I tingled to "The Republican Revolution" and "The Contract For America". I slunk down in shame to see the shocking difference between the ideals and the reality of impotence delivered from Washington and elsewhere.

My own life got better as I came to terms with my reality. Thanks to several government programs, I am supported and cared for by God through the tax payers of this country. If the Republicans had there way, I'd have nothing, except private charity. A chill runs through me as I write.

When Bush II wove conservative religion into his inaugural, my heart again filled with hope for the Republican Ideas I still loved. 9/11 cemented me firmly as a republican. I rejoiced when Bush II got four more years. Sadly, I again fought through the bitter disillusionment of what appears to be corruption and incompetence dancing together within the Republican party.

Every time I hear McCain speak, I shudder at his age. Is this the best the GOP has? I just couldn't see myself voting at all in November. But as a U. S. citizen and a Christian, apaqthy isn't an option. I liked Obama's prepared speeches. Now this guy could give a speech!

But Obama without prepared notes is also an embarrassment. He needs to go to Toastmasters for nine months and dump the "ahs" and other problems he has when stalling for time to think of a reply. If I know about Toastmasters, don't Obama's handlers know about it?

But Obama being where he is AT ALL is historic. On the final night of the Democratic Convention I was hooked up live via the Internet to see and hear his acceptance speech. Conservative talk radio made much of the stage. Yeah, ornate, but not the regal set supposed. Nobody was carrying Obama in on a throne...

During that speech I switched parties. For the first time in my life I actually gave money to a candidate. When I hear and watch Obama, he brings back hope, optimism and a willingness to help him become president. When I hear McCain talk, I wonder how much longer he'll remain healthy enough to stand up.

So now McCain has picked a fiery woman from Alaska as his running mate.

Too little too late. I am moving on.

Since Thursday evening I've gotten four different emails from the campaign, Obama, Bidan and even Michelle Obama! Sure, they are trolling for money, but each email also has campaign news and friendliness. I like their style and will alert them to this blog, as part of my continuing contribution to the cause.

I hear my republican friends howling that I'm being taken down a river of rhetoric. Yeah, inflation is eating me alive and your people got us here.

Obama cries out: "Its time for a CHANGE"

and I join in the national reply: "YES WE CAN!"


MacPhilly said...

Hey Jane,

I said it in my tweet, I'll say it again. You're believing the slickly crafted lie. The press is pushing this guy like he's the second coming. He talks nice, he smiles pretty. But here's the real deal.

This guy will tax the country like you're taxed in Cali. He's pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage. He'll try to yank out the troops (not that I think the troops should be there, but the way he'll get them out will leave us worse off than before) from Iraq without any real plan.

Mr. Charisma has ZERO, let me repeat *ZERO* experience as a chief officer, he's got next to NO experience in Washington in how to get things done. He has no strong convictions (ask the pastor of the church he attends for over 10 years what it's like to get thrown under the bus by him), he talks a big game of compassion - but has given well UNDER - the limit of charitable giving, though he makes millions (and his wife makes $312 a year).

Speaking of compassion, Mr. Hope should reach out to his brother who lives on $12 a year. Yes, YEAR that isn't a typo, and see if he can provide him with some hope and some change. I'm betting that Mr. Change has more pocket change that he puts into his kids piggy banks than that every week.

This guy will be the second coming for sure if he gets elected. He'll be the second coming of JC. Jimmy Carter that is, not Jesus Christ.

You want change? Great, vote for change. Vote Green Party, vote Libertarian, vote Constitution Party but don't vote for this guy because he'll be Trouble with a capital T.

Endorser of voting for ANYONE but the Dems in 08

MacPhilly said...

PS That should be that his wife makes $312,000 per year. His brother really only makes $12 per year.