Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wells Fargo's new customer service by un-truth.

I understand a bank is in business to make a profit. When customers request a "stop payment" on a check, there is probably some cost involved in dealing with this issue.

I only protest that between two different bankers I was misled. I had to cancel a stop payment and was led to believe that after canceling said stop payment "we'll take that off (the fee). I can't do it right now because it hasn't posted yet. So just call back".

When I called in today, going directly to a banker because I am almost blind and never enter numbers in fast enough. I explained my situation and was informed that a) even when a "stop payment" is canceled, they don't take any of the fee off the charged account, but b) since I was a good customer, they'd take off half of the fee!

I am thankful they took off anything, but I bitterly protest the illusion caused by the first banker. If she had said they wouldn't take the fee off, I wouldn't be angry now. The business causing this problem will refund any fees.

Since when is it OK to lie to customers to make them happy?

I've been with Wells for years. I like them because they are accurate and when there is a problem, it gets dealt with promptly and fairly.

This latest bit with customer service, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I made sure the first banker understood I was referring to whether or not the fee would be removed.

You stumbled on this one wells Fargo, so, since I've learned complaining to you does nothing, I send it out to the Internet.

Also, on May 24th of this year you eliminated any ability to get a "direct deposit advance." Some change because of a new law. OK, fine. But the option is still on your website in several places. I am a webmaster for my church and find it hard to believe that changing your website is a "security" issue. More questionable information from the banker I spoke to this morning. Changing links, or eliminating a linked option on a website is NOT complicated. I barely know what I'm doing managing the church's website, but the problem of removing a linked option would take under 15 minutes!

Is this some new kind of management through Obfuscation? Careful people, its not working too well for the IRS right now, Just saying.

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