Friday, January 13, 2006

Update On Spam Problem.

Sad to say, within less then twenty-four hours my blog was hit five times with the 'fake' comment spam. I had to spend over an hour going back through all my posts to thoroughly pruge this one spammer. I do not have the time, or patience for this! With apologies to my blind readers, I've reinstated the 'letters in the box' task. This is yet another motivation for my hoped-for-invention of a different screen reading approach.


Will Powers said...

I've never recieved spam as it like a sales pitch or something?

CyberGal said...

"fake" comments usually start with "Hi Blogger" and attempt to sound like they've read your post. "interesting subject, post, entry". Then they set you up to visit a link. This is the giveaway. I clicked on one of the links and was dropped into a distribution system for a particular brand of Rollator! If you have missed all this fun, just take your comments public - no requirements to comment and my brother, you'll get more spam then you care to, in just hours!

steven edward streight said...

Comment spam, Will Powers, is human or spambot programs cruising the web, looking for vulnerable blogs.

They paste a generic, stupid, flattering, phoney "remark" like: "Great blog. I must return to read more. Check out my site at...(etc.)"

The purpose is to trick you to visit a malware, spyware attaching site, or a porn or con artist site, whatever.

When people click on the spam comment link, it boosts that target site's link pop and ranking.

CyberGal: enable Comment Moderation (with delayed posting of comments, after you approve), Word Verification, and Email Notification of New Comments.

They are free. Check your Blogger dashboard. Or go into blog template.