Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Humor: The Godblog AND The 23rd Psalm For Geeks.

I choose to react to the Godblog as satire. I do not mean to offend anyone. Look at the absurdity of this highly creative and imaginative piece of entertainment.

My favorite links being:
  • God's FAQ's.

  • the link to Tecrokrati's Favorites.

Go over there and have a good laugh. I hope the blogger gets rich from spreading all this mirth.

Since I'm on the lighter side of religion, I ponder how lonely my geeky friends must be. These are the people who stopped speaking, or understanding plain English, long ago.

They now speak in some form of hieroglyphics:
  • 'sok' is "its okay".

  • 'n' or 'np' is "no problem'.

  • 'k' is "okay".

These people need God just as much as the rest of us, but no one has put religion into their lingo.

I will share a few examples:

  • Prayer to God is uploading.

  • Answer from God is downloading.

I now humbly submit my geek translation of part of the 23rd Psalm:

"The Lord is my web hosting service

His systems do not crash.

Although my software is attacked,

by viruses, adware and malware,

His firewall keeps my business running.

He doesn't make me constantly upgrade,

and my projects are always under budget and pre-deadline."

Kinda mists up your monitor, doesn't it?

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