Sunday, March 26, 2006

(Mis) Adventures In Management: An Unsent Resignation.

To My Pastor:

I don't know what you were drinking when you decided I could design and run the church's website. It turns out, I was drinking it also, as I eagerly embraced the challenge. Knowing absolutely nothing about the multi-level process, I jumped in with both feet and quickly discovered I was in a lake of quicksand.

More experienced computer people informed me that I could get programs to "help" with the design process. I began to agree with this wisdom, only after discovering six more coding languages, some 'expert' claimed I needed to know, before I could even begin to design a website!

Now, I possess 'idiot-proof' web designing software. I confess, I laughed at your admiration of me, when you reverently announced that I was working on the church's website. I'm not laughing any more.

Designing a website IS voodoo!

As Tom Lear said, in the sixties, about the New Math: "its so simple, so very simple - that only a child can do it!"

After several hours of really hard brain work, using the "idiot proof" software, I've accidentally reproduced one of my earlier web designs. Which said design, a friend politely ignored, choosing instead to design one with the same "idiot
proof'" software!

What is the next level below "idiot"?

Yours faithfully.


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steven edward streight said...

I"m not sure I understand this post very clearly, CyberWoman.

I think it's funny, but not sure why.

Not nice to cornfuse poor old Vaspers. Now you must go to my little blog and take my challenge:

"How dull can you blog?"

I did it, so can thou.