Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Inflation, M3, and Politicians: The Lying SOB's!

Today I received a most distressing email, which I will reproduce for you shortly. Friends, if you are twenty-years-old, or above, surely you sense that our money in The United States, is declining in value. Twenty years ago I couldn't have consumed two dollars worth of potato chips, in one sitting. Now, it is a snack, and a small snack at that!

I have a deep and abiding mistrust of our government. Poor people learn things which people higher up on the economic ladder are never faced with. There is the myth of subsidized housing. Yes, it exists, on several levels. The problem is there is a shell game going on.

Before The Americans With Disabilities act -The ADA, we blind folks of any age could live with the over sixty-five crowd. Thus there were maybe twenty choices for an affordable residence. Now, because of the fear of lawsuits, landlords segregate handicapped, over sixty-five and under-sixty-five. At 52 I now have 3 choices for government subsidized housing. But wait, this is a very special and cruel game they play.

I apply to get into the lottery which (if I make the one-thousand to one odds) qualifies me to be on a list. Moving up the list will take from three to five years for my name to come to the top. This is not always true, in one housing option, every time some one new gets AIDS I'm bumped! The other twist drives me crazy. (I don't get mad at the tragedy of AIDS.) So, I wait around and eventually I get a letter telling me that I've got a slot. But the apartment is for non-handicapped-over-sixty-five people. I stared at this communication in stunned disbelief. The system knowingly put me up for something I am legally kept from taking advantage of. But, while we run like rats in a maze, from application to lottery to our mailboxes, only to discover we've been screwed again, the government can truthfully claim they do provide subsidized housing!

Do you really believe the news reports of only a one-tenth-of-a-percent increase in inflation for a given month? I started on Social Security over twenty years ago and my monthly payment was less then six-hundred dollars a month. Now, I receive a bit over one-thousand-dollars a month! Before you all go nuts, my rent is half of my income, for a twelve foot by twelve foot room with a sink and no building provided heat. The hallway is warm, but I refuse to sleep with my door open, to let hallway heat drift through my room and out the window glass. A monthly bus pass (for unlimited rides) costs twenty dollars today, twenty years ago, it was only three dollars. Trust me, I'm not rolling in money. I say this not out of anger, but I still remember when over a thousand a month made one solidly middle class. It won't go that far now.

I hate to get political, but please read and react to the following information. I've signed up with these folks and have written my representatives. (They will locate your representatives for you.)

For those of you not in the United States, you may want to investigate your own country - I'm sure they're playing games there also.


"all evil needs to triumph, is for good people to do nothing" (holocaust survivor).

D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h

Please forward to anyone you know who cares about the value of their money.

Dear friend,

The Federal Reserve can create new dollars out of thin air. Much of the federal government's deficit spending is funded with this "funny money." When more dollars are created prices rise and the value of your savings fall. Sadly . . .

We believe the Federal Reserve is about to create a whole bunch of new money. Why? Because, starting March 23 the Fed will stop publishing a statistic called M3. M3 is the best guide to how much new currency the Fed is creating. The only reason to stop publishing M3 is because .
. .

The Fed is planning to do a whole lot of "legal counterfeiting," and wants to hide it. This is a direct threat to your budget and savings. It must be stopped. Fortunately . . .

Congressman Ron Paul is sponsoring legislation to force the Fed to continue reporting M3. We need to force this legislation through Congress. It's the best brake we have to stop inflation. And the brakes come off March 23.

Please click here to send Congress a message telling them to pass Ron Paul's bill. http://action.downsizedc.org/wyc.php?cid=44

Jim Babka


DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

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MacPhilly said...

But really Cybergal, how do you feel about it?!

Wow, that's it? Dude, the government is absolutely screwing you. Having said that, it's about what my mom makes off of several annuities, etc. However, her income is tax free and because of that it's the equiv. of making about another 5-7k per year.

Hang in sister-friend, good stuff is coming for ya (well, sooner or later, right? :-p)