Thursday, April 06, 2006

Humor: My Favorite Moments In Literature.

About thirty years ago I stumbled upon a book, Return From Tomorrow, authored by George Richie, who claimed to have 'died', experienced stuff "on the other side" and returned to resume his life on earth. In the early '80's, this was rare and way out on the fringe. Aahh, just my kind of book. Richie was in the military in 1947, got pneumonia and 'died' for about forty minutes. While people were going nuts in emergency trying to revive this man, he went through that tunnel, saw the white light and met his spirit guide. For Richie, as a Christian, he identified this guide as Jesus Christ. Jesus began to walk George through a review of his life by asking him what he did about the life Jesus lived. George Richie, in his mid-twenties, had no idea how to answer this question, but I believe deserves an award for the best attempted BS session in literature.

George Richie sorts through his 'good deeds' list and throws out to Jesus, that he was an Eagle Scout - Period. Then the best sentence in modern literature: '(Jesus) didn't seem very impressed." I've practiced for years, honing my BS-ing skills, but, I don't think I'd have the courage to try and slick one over on Jesus Christ! I still laugh to think of that story.

But tonight, I found a runner-up to the above. An innocent book review. But, what a review! MacPhilly didn't like the book, at all. (This is exquisite):

What a waste of paper. Seriously. Some poor tree had to die for this piece of crap to live.

Other then having a bronze plaque made of this quote, to hang near my monitor, ever reminding me of the price for sloppy, lazy, or ill-conceived writing, there is nothing to add to this fine commentary.

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