Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Resort at Squaw Creek, Squaw Valley, California: WOW!

CyberGal didn't go on a vacation - I went to another planet!

I have never experienced a surprise which absolutely disoriented me, but my suite at Squaw Creek totally blew me away. A huge three room affair, complete with a gas fireplace, kitchenette, bedroom with a huge executive desk, living room / dining room combination and a bathroom! This was no ordinary bathroom. A completely separate bath tub and shower. The shower sported two shower heads. Makes every other shower I've been in feel like well, you know, below this standard. I had three closets! Friends, this was like eight of my rooms put together, outfitted with granite tile, wood trim, with the beautiful afternoon sun streaming through the two windows and even a dishwasher in a drawer!

Not wishing to demonstrate my humble background, when the assistant manager went to show me about the fireplace, he proclaimed:

"Here, let me turn on the fire for you," I resisted the strong urge to respond:

"You want to do what to the fire...?" A handy light switch on the wall, hidden by the hanging curtains (of course) provided instant cabin ambiance. I LOVE fireplaces! And unlike the wood burning variety, I felt safe operating it.

There are two doors leading into the bathroom, from the kitchenette, or from the bedroom. Even after three days, this arrangement confused me. I've been living in one room for too long!
I spent lovely hours before the fire, listening to the in-room stereo, or watching the flat screen TV.

I had three telephones, one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom and of course, one in the living room. I'd never actually do this, but wouldn't it be great. You're on the throne, call up some company who done you wrong - register a complaint, as you answer nature's call. Oh, what symbolism!

The bath tub had an angled ergonomically designed back rest. I wondered if I'd ever find the will power to LEAVE this little bit of paradise. Hot water I had to moderate with cold water, so I could really soak out the seven hour train ride up to the resort.

Amtrak was very good about dealing with me and my disabilities. They were truly helpful and gracious. The only drawback, for me, is that families with kids and the disabled are put in the same car. I understand why this is done. Both groups will need additional assistance in an emergency, but I'm not a kid-person. Seven hours of the little darlings left me drained and ready to pounce on any out-of-control child.

First shut the kid up and then go and "educate" their parents! Oh my, the new parenting style, is to let strangers deal with the little darling! I pondered staying at the home of a friend with his wife and four kids, when I travel east. No dice! I look forward to meeting his wife and family, but I know that a small dose of child goes a long way with me. After a fun evening with the group, I'll flee back to the quiet of my private hotel room. The Resort at Squaw Creek has a lot of great stuff for children. If you aren't into the small fry, hold off on dinner until 9 PM. Then its just the adults.

Gourmet food is also featured here. I had a lamb trio, or three different kinds of lamb, which all tasted like LAMB. I love lamb and get frustrated at most recipes which try to take the lamb flavor out of the lamb. Delicious! The next night I ordered a rib-eye steak that was truly the best thing I've ever had in a steak. Carmelized onions and delicately roasted potatoes in a light sauce, totally eliminating my usual need for A1 Sauce. I saved half of my steak and finished it off on the return train trip.

On the train ride up to the resort, I explored the lounge car, where $7 will provide adequate coffee and a really crummy cheese burger in plastic, which doesn't microwave evenly. When the lady told me the price, I blurted out, in surprise:

"Oh, just like the airport!" which got laughs from all but the waitress.

I wanted to dance through that lounge car on the return trip, bragging about a gourmet steak lunch. I must really be growing up, I didn't do that either. Oh, returning my attention back to Squaw Creek, I enjoyed: Caesar Salad, Spinach Salad and several really wonderful chocolate deserts.

Somehow, a gourmet Caesar Salad is the most striking experience for me. They just do something different or extra to it. All the flavors are distinct, yet blend. Once you have this really good stuff, at least once a year, you'll be willing to pay high prices for it. Thirty dollars to fifty dollars per person, and that doesn't include alcoholic beverages.

I saw and walked over snow - in April. I was there from Monday through Wednesday morning. Sunday night they'd had over three feet of snow fall. My weather was clear and beautiful. It is interesting to swim in an 80 degree pool, surrounded by large quantities of snow with snowball fights breaking out everywhere. I accidentally got hit by a stray fly ball from a child to his father. What fun! The father made me laugh, when he muttered:

"Don't worry, I know where they sleep." He obviously loved his boy and delighted in being a temporary target.

I didn't realize how the mugging had affected my attitude about certain activities. I've not been swimming since it happened. I realize now, I was afraid of falling on the concrete around the pool, or hot tub. I frankly told Rich, the wonderful assistant manager who escorted me everywhere, that I may not be able to handle it. I did want to check out the pool area. He agreed and again tried to put me at ease, that I wasn't an undue burden. I parked my walker and located myself as close to the pool and hot tub as possible, and ventured forth. Once in the pool, I couldn't get out without the aid of steps, which I couldn't find. I guess it is obvious when one can't see. A very nice lady called out directions to me, and once finding a ladder, got out of, and back into the pool just fine. I felt like I was reclaiming my life again. In some small way, Rich and the other wonderful staff people helped me find the courage to take back my full life. Not being able to see never got me into as much physical hurt as not being able to prevent falling. I also realize I need a collapsible walking cane, for those short trips various places, where it isn't safe, or sensible to take my walker. These special canes are available and I'll have one within the next week.

I also discovered how content I truly am with my regular life. After three glorious days in an idyllic local, I was ready to come home. I was looking forward to returning to my new role as webmaster et al for my church. A job I learn to accomplish, literally as I guess how to do it! I was thankful for a refreshing rest from the noisy construction that is on going in my building. I returned home refreshed and excited about my daily routine. I remember times of absolutely hating my regular life. I've grown up a lot and find looking at what is going correctly in my world feels a whole lot better then bemoaning what I don't or can't have.

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