Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thinking About Gratitude.

I have returned from paradise and am now spending the weekend at Maria and John's home for the purpose of cleaning their house for them. Remembering that amazing vacation makes my work easier! I am filled with thankfulness that I had such a great opportunity to experience a resort so lavish. I am thankful to have a bit of part-time work, in spite of several major disabilities. I'm very moved that Maria went shopping for my food (ice cream, bear claws and half and half) while forgetting to shop for herself and her husband! God love these people!

They left me with a refrigerator full of really yummy food - a European style noodles, ham, eggs and cheese dish I can't pronounce. Plus chili, part of a pizza, ice cream and bear claws for breakfast! Add to this, excellent gourmet ground coffee, should I choose to brew it up. The dog is happy I'm here and I get to choose my hours of labor. Never mind, also having the use of their computer. The final luxury is their bath tub, with an angled back, just like the bath tub at the Resort at Squaw Creek. For all of this, all I have to do is some housework - I even get paid! I thank God for their kindness and His goodness. Somehow, I think I'm getting the better deal out of this arrangement, but I do leave behind a clean house - yeah, life is good.

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