Friday, May 26, 2006

Why I love Samoyed dogs.

When I was about seven or eight years old, I was invited over to the home of one of my Aunt's friends. Her family owned two of the most beautiful, friendly and gentle dogs I've ever encountered. Two yappy, but very loving Samoyeds. They are cold weather dogs like the Husky, but adapt fine to warmer climates.

The owner gave me huge marrow-filled bones to give to the dogs. I would dig out the marrow for the dogs and they never tried to hurt me in any way. They both understood what I was trying to do and would sit patiently, in front of me, with tails wagging, until I'd dislodged the marrow. I'd give them both half of it, along with a bone. These dogs are very affectionate, with long, soft white fur and a frisky personality.

The only drawback, I remember, is they are talkative. If you don't like yappy, noisome creatures, a Newfoundland Hound would be a better choice. That breed hardly barks at all. Samoyeds love to play, with each other, or any humans who are so inclined.

I spent many comforting hours with these awesome creatures and hope to get a dog sitting job one day, with a Samoyed. I love this photo of a running Samoyed. I called the picture BornFree.bmp. I got it off the net, but since I'm not planning on selling it, I think its okay. Now that true recovery is a part of my world, I am remembering the gentler moments of my life. For me animals were a life-saver. Animals sense when you are ill, physically, or emotionally. They will attempt to soothe you as best they can. I feel like the dog in that picture, finally able to romp through a good life, safe and free.

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