Saturday, July 22, 2006

Not All Parents Need To Be Brought To The Attention Of Child Protective Services.

When I get overwhelmed with reading about someone's recovery battles, or my own struggles, I take a break and refresh my spirit with stories of HEALTHY families. Depending on where you are in your recovery, this post may make you jealous, angry, sad, or soothed. Understand, all of those feelings must be honored. Your small person probably didn't get comfort. You, as a big person, may still be struggling to learn how to re-parent yourself.

I truly am soothed by this kind of account. I don't remember ever being glad I ran to an adult when frightened. I came away from the encounter vowing I'd never be that stupid, EVER again. Thankfully, with God's grace, I have experienced the loving arms of my pastor engulfing me as I cry. I have experienced the love and honesty of friends, standing beside me through a storm. I know how good it feels to know that "God has my back". I spend far less time being scared out of my mind.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Best Part of Being "Dad"
from: "MetroMan - Confessions of a Metrosexual Dad"

You know, there are probably a lot of "best" parts that I haven't mentioned, but there is one part that can only happen late at night that leaves you with a feeling of love and of responsibility that makes being dad worth being dad.

Tonight, I had one of those moments with daughter number three: Chloe. Was it a big thing? Well, to a three year old it was. She woke up suddenly, scared and calling for me. Not mom, me. Yup, good old dad. So, there, on the stairway, in the dark with the wind whipping all around the house, Chloe found comfort in daddy's arms. With blankie by her side, twiddling her "pony hair" and cuddled up next to me - Chloe found a place of safety, a place of peace. And boys and girls, that's when you know as a parent you've done a good job. When the babies are ready to run to your arms and trust you. Sure, kids always WANT to do that with their parents. They hope for it and yearn for it. The thing that's great is when YOU know that you've really provided it for them.

Thanks Chloe. It's great being your dad.
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