Monday, September 11, 2006

The Freedom Of Structure: Ad Campaign, Take Two!

Yesterday I posted about my startling entry into the world of commercial making. Phillip seemed enthused and gave me feedback that made sense. So, back to my computer I went to have a second try for a commercial to sell his pod cast.

On one level I really have graduated from the out-of-control ego which hampered my life and human relationships for years. I don't greet the dawn with nausea, or worse due to performance anxiety. I don't need to drink or drug myself senseless to run from the mountain of fear that I'm just not good enough. God has delivered me from those two terrible conditions.

I realized this morning, in mild shock, that Phillip wasn't as enthralled with my second submission, as I'd imagined he'd be. I truly thought I'd taken it over the top. That my little 42 seconds would be swooped up by my friend with apologies that he couldn't pay me what it was worth! Well, I can dream, can't I? Of course, but now I had more feedback. Feedback which appeared to be challenging one of the cornerstones of my project.

He suggested I change the emphasis. Oooh! To possibly remove my brilliant application of a sound effect? Parish the thought! (uh, oh, that feels like the old pride bush has sprouted over something new.) After mulling this unanticipated situation over and FINALLY remembering to pray to God to get my ego out of this project, I realized I had run out of bright ideas. Yes, even though it would kill me, I could consider removing a sound effect, rewriting the theme, or whatever, but HOW?

It occurred to me that I started this project with hands-on stuff. Just jumped right out there and made a commercial. Now, I truly need to read something about advertising. I need some kind of structure, theory or pattern. Sadly, I have no clue as to how to continue.

Looking for books on advertising is almost as daunting a task, as looking for books about starting a business selling on eBay. A lot of expensive fluff out there! So, I found a "no, no" ebook about what NOT to do in advertising by a guy whose got a track record He claims he has been around, blah, blah, blah. I read enough of the book to know that this guy seemed to be grounded in reality and hate fluff as much as I do.

His basic idea is that advertising isn't complex. Most of it is done wrong because they break basic marketing rules. He goes into an amusing rant about how he came to be God's Representative for the Rules, but I digress.

He then proposed that true creativity comes forth best in a restricted environment. Metered poetry instead of free verse, for example. He observed that kids need rules to thrive. No rules for children gives them too many choices too early in their development With too many choices, they get overwhelmed and insecure. Bells began to ring in my mind.

I have always wondered why a religious discipline seems to work so well for me. I know what is expected and therefore don't have to waste my time trying to guess how to function in my church, or in my life. (I really enjoy finding secular support for what God claims is correct. Adults need structure too). What has me staggered are the thousands of options my mind has for my little commercial. I have no idea of the theory of good advertising and therefore I have absolutely no place to start from.

For those of you curious about a good overview of advertising I'll provide a link to the book. Done with wonderful humor, you get to experience the good, the bad and mainly the tacky, in advertising.

And Now A Few Words From Me

I sense I've stumbled onto yet another key to my recovery. Sane rules and structure encourage, not retard creativity and growth. What a concept! I have gotten well enough to judge the sane from the insane, as far as structure goes. I used to believe that rules and discipline were the enemy of my soul. Rationally and sanely applied, they very well might be the wind beneath my wings.

So, after a few weeks of study, I'll once again tackle my little commercial. Phillip has no trouble letting me know when something I do, is not ready for prime time. I believe I still might actually end up producing a useful ad. I sure like the challenge. And, if not, I have yet another chance to do some pruning on that ever-present crab grass of the soul: my pride bush.

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Mac said...

Ah Grasshopper! You misunderstand me. I not say you need to change focus of ad, or loose wonderful and profound sound effect. I say, change proposed second ending to reflect what benefit listener get from podcast rather than what I understand. First part of ad good!