Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Created My First Promotional Campaign!

This is proof positive that Jesus Christ can and does change peoples hearts and lives from the inside outward. For those of you who have followed this blog for awhile, it is not news that for most of my 53 years I've been an emotional train wreck. I was punished so severely, in an undisciplined manner, that I refused to do anything, unless I was sure I would ace it. You can't learn new things with that kind of attitude. I also used to live for the "goal" and ignore the pain of the "process" of achieving the "goal". If you can't stand studying accounting, or any kind of mathematics, you should not think that becoming a CPA will make you happy. Trust me, it won't. You hated the training - you're gonna hate the job at the end of that training.

I continue to grow and change. I notice I am no longer afraid to try something totally new, even risking looking a bit foolish, as I learn. Only God could create that radical a change in this terrified child. I started this growth groping my way through a rough process of developing the web site for my church. Phillip was a major source of help and encouragement, until I gained a bit of confidence. Phillip, is also a mentor for me.

I tend to watch what he does and experiment with it, to see if I like the activity. Since Phillip never met something new he didn't like, he is always doing new things, or changing old things around. He told me that one of his pod casts was losing audience and he needed to get some promos out to remind people of his pod cast. I've discovered, among other things, that I'm a natural promoter. If I think you are cool, I'll talk you up to anyone and everyone.

I'm 53 going on 12. I have this lovely illusion, that I can accomplish almost anything, as long as I start small. So, never having studied advertising, broadcasting or marketing, I sat down to whip out a commercial for Phillip's pod cast! Only total ignorance of the process encourages such leaps into the unknown.

I love the commercials that are like little stories, especially, if they are humorous. So, I found a few cool sound effects on the web, fired up Garage Band and hobbled together my first ever promo! Phillip had already alerted me to the reality that he knows what he wants to do and where he wants to go with the show and the odds of me matching that were slim. In other words, he probably wouldn't use whatever I created.

After 20 years of being too sick to be in the game of life at all, I really don't care if my work gets used, or not. I am just so thankful to have the strength and emotional energy to make a commercial, at all! I learned in computer programming: if you hate the training, you aren't going to like the job either!

I struggled to be a programmer, got there and realized I was happier as a data entry operator! I want to explore different activities, to see if I like them enough to continue to work at them. I think this stage of life is worked on by most 12-year-old children. So, I got my file together and actually had the guts to email it to Phillip.

I fully expected him to react like he did with a piece of novel-writing I'm attempting. Basically, I need to do some spade work with grammar and technique. In short: don't quit cleaning houses just yet. Phillip liked my promotion idea, but wanted me to go further with it. "You done good!" I am pondering the changes I want to make now. I figured he'd glean some idea from my attempt and run with it. How amazing that I actually came up with something he likes as a promotional idea. God is so awesome. God has given me courage in place of terror and gratitude in place of an out-of-control ego. I am just so thankful to be participating in this game of life.

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