Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cooking You Can Do Even When You're Half Dead.

CyberGal has the flu. Had to bail from church after 30 minutes of almost continual coughing. How do you know when you're really sick, instead of playing hookie? If, once you arrive home, you head for bed believing that it is the next best thing to heaven - you're really sick!

Got a new refrigerator and I now have twice as much room to store food as I did before. But, I HATE, I say I HATE to cook. Now that I'm down with the feverish crud, I like cooking even less. So, as a public service, I present a few recipes you can do even when you're half dead, or "before coffee" in a more normal morning.

Recommended skills:
  • Pour water into and from a small container into a bigger container.
  • Chop up stuff - not beautifully, but into bite-size, though ill-formed chucks.
  • Grate cheese.
  • Hear the difference between boiling water and frying bacon.
  • Mix stuff.
Morning Bacon-Potato-Egg and Cheese Glop

2 strips THICK raw bacon (chopped)
2-3 chopped raw potatoes, or sweet potatoes
1 Cup water
Left overs you may want to add just to get rid of them.
1 Onion
Garlic to taste
2 Cups graded cheese. Pick your pleasure. Set aside in LARGE serving bowl.
2 raw eggs, beaten, set aside.

In either a large frying pan, or any old rice cooker, throw in everything except the cheese and beaten eggs.

Put stove burner, or rice cooker on high and let it boil, until the water is gone and you hear bacon start to sizzle. DO NOT cover! Water won't evaporate as fast with a cover on pot.

Once bacon starts to sizzle, make a hole for the eggs, throw them in and stir vigorously until they are cooked. This doesn't take very long.

Remove from head, pour from pot on top of the waiting grated cheese in your serving bowl. Mix well. and EAT.

I've just managed to cook the above running a fever and barely with enough intelligence to post this. So, this has truly been idiot-tested. Enjoy.

It's Almost As Good As Having A Wife Every Day Rice Dinner

This is set up for a rice cooker. For those brave enough to attempt rice on top of a stove - I'll pray for you, but I recommend you get a rice cooker ASAP!

My rice cooker comes with a 3/4 C scooper. It is idiot proof. 1 scoop of raw BROWN rice to three scoops of water. White rice (Yuck) is 2 scoops of water to one scoop of rice.

Whatever the size of your rice cooker's scoop. Use the scoop. For those of you without a rice cooker, I'll use 1 cup as a reference.

1 cup uncooked brown rice
1 portion of some meat source: hamburger, chicken, fish, whatever - to be re-heated by, or thoroughly cooked via the steam tray above your cooking rice.
1 portion of vegetables of choice, also to be cooked in the steam tray of rice cooker.
Garlic to taste
Barbecue sauce to taste. (1 to 2 tablespoons)
small amount of chicken broth powder (optional)
3 cups water

This is so easy - its scary!

Throw the rice, water, garlic, BBQ sauce into rice cooker.
Put one or two steamer trays above rice cooker (they come with the rice cooker) filled with your meat and vegetables.
Cover cooker and steamer trays
Put that baby on high and turn it on.

When you hear the rice cooker shut itself off (You must get a cooker with this feature). Your dinner is ready!

I love brown rice, always have. I go through a lot of it and just adding that one thing to my diet dropped my slightly high cholesterol down to the normal range!

CyberGal's bonus nutritional recommendations:

* Never forget desert. Ice cream is always good.

For those of you into seriously healthy food (tofu, green tea and vege burgers) When you need quick energy:

* coffee, white sugar and petrochemicals (to taste).

Our church has a quick lunch guaranteed to get any health fanatic back on track.
potato chips with dip
Hot link with bun and some kind of dressing: Ketchup or Thousand Island Dressing
Hawaiian Punch with ice. (You don't need desert - this drink has enough sugar to fulfill any craving.).

Due to being ill, i missed the above lunch. This bizarre combo is now like "comfort" food for me. I associate it with warm conversation and lots of laughs.

And now, I return to bed, while my fever spikes and sleep takes hold once again.

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