Monday, October 16, 2006

My HMO Is Reacting To An "Oops".

A couple of years ago I got the wild idea that I did not have Bi-Polar Disorder and stopped all my psychiatric medications. Six months later I was in true psychiatric crisis. After being restored via medication and through six weeks of out patient support I left that part of my life and joyously took my medications watching my mental health obtain stability and stay that way.

My Doctor put me on some pretty Strong medications, which have worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, since I don't feel ill, in any way, I forgot to call in for my routine six-month check-up. I got to it after almost eight months. Due to my doctor being on medical leave and two other doctors being unavailable, they told me to call back in another six months, when there might be better staffing. Since I am not ill, this was fine.

Well, I ran out of refills on my two heavy-duty psychiatric medications. The pharmacy warned me that I had to see a doctor before they'd issue any more prescriptions. Okay, on the very next day the psychiatric Department called me and scheduled me for January 7th or something like that.

When I called Psychiatric to alert them to what the pharmacy told me, I was cut off with: "they just didn't have the information about your appointment in January". This delivered with a certain irritation and contempt. Hey, I know what happens when I don't take the pills, okay? So, I figured its their problem and went on with my life.

All of this went down last week. I then received a call from my primary care doctor. The General Practicianer, or OBGYN doctor, who also wanted to see me. I've always wondered how the doctor who specializes in "female" problems can function as a General Practitioner, but maybe I miss the subtleties of modern medicine. So, I'm seeing a new person on November 7th.

Low and behold, I got another call from a very tired sounding Psychiatrist who told me that I'm on the wrong medications, because they don't think I'm Bi-Polar! Oh NO!

I haven't been seen by anyone in a year and my regular psychiatrist is on medical leave. Someone looked at my chart and "decided" I need a medication change. But, due to the staffing issues, I may not be seen by the doctor I'm currently speaking with, as they want to see me before my thirty-days of restricted medication are finished!

Me thinks my chart fell through a crack and now several departments are playing a complex game of Cover My Butt. I didn't get this much attention when I called Psychiatric and requested euthanasia via my psychiatrist! (But, I got in to see him within twenty-four hours!)

Let's see, One strange OBGYN doc is going ta assess my general health, by checking my femaleness, while another strange Psychiatrist is going to talk to me for fifteen minutes to determine if I need different medications. Yeah, this sure feels like a game of Cover My Butt.

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