Monday, December 12, 2005

So You Want To Build A Web Site...OY!

Now that I've returned to reality from my first real rage session with my beloved computer, here is the deal. First off, you never get angry over anything, unless you have expectations about it. I have experienced the unbelievable performance of my eMac. 99.9% of the time, it is absolutely worry-free and wonderful. I don't want to go "under the hood". I want to get in, make my blog, document, email, or whatever and leave. How many drivers know the guts of their car engines?

I've fought with PC's whenever I've been forced to deal with them. Recently I was asked to assist in research on a web site. When I got to the interview, they had a PC. They hadn't a clue about any adjustments MicroSoft does provide for accessibility, so I was reduced to appearing to be incompetent due to my vision problems. Next time, I'll do the extra leg work of making sure the PC is set up correctly for my low vision. In 1998 when I was in the market for a computer the PC's outlined white-on-white cursor was invisible to me. I went with Mac because, even without any adjustments, I could at least find the cursor. I have learned to HATE PC's.

It has gotten slightly better over the years, but I will not forgive Bill Gates for the nifty decision of not requiring his developers to code for accessibility. Every blind person I know has a real problem with MicroSoft and many are sneaking peaks, or listens, to Voice Over.

I also have gotten into thinking that all websites operate like Apple. Apple make clear distinctions between "novice", "casual" and "expert" computer users. FireFox grouped the programs together by function, not technical skill of the user. Now that I realize what is happening, I won't get so tangled up.

My PC website-generating friend committed an unforgivable sin. Among other problems, his site made no use of the current accessibility guidelines. I have no problem riding heard on that one... I have a policy, "If I can't read it, I won't recommend it". Then I let people's egos do the rest of the job of inspiring them to adjust their websites.

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