Saturday, August 12, 2006

The New manhood Test: To Be Without Carry-Ons!

Sadly, our world is not a safe place any more. A small minority of crazed Islamic fanatics wish all us "Infidels" dead. I had the sad task of notifying a friend of the new rules of the air as he prepared to leave on a business trip. Like all of us, when traveling, he has a routine and habit patterns. Now, it is all up for grabs. No liquids allowed. The reasoning for this rule is sound. Someone came very close to making ten bombs by mixing liquids in the bathrooms of ten planes. We were lucky, one of this group got cold feet and ratted out the others. Next time, we may not be so lucky.

I'm listening to a democratic gay guy I love to let irritate me, on the radio. He is a flaming gay and PROUD of it. He makes most PMS-ing women look serene. He is SCREAMING about having the RIGHT to take his cosmetics on a plane! I suspect he applies more substances to his body then my friend uses to paint his house! This talk show host is howling that the terrorists have WON because HE can't carry on his cosmetics! Now, mind you, this democratic radical feels that nothing the republicans have done is correct. So, he rants about how we have lost our way of life. I feel a CyberGal rant a'brewing!

If one plane had been blown out of the sky, this same person would be blaming the republicans for THAT. Oh, he has the amazing attitude that he'd rather get killed on a plane with his carry-ons, then to surrender "our way of life". Somehow, I suspect he'd soil his undies if ever actually THREATENED! Oh, these people! (Being so, oh, so GAY, He'd battle them with a big feather!)

Next year, I plan on flying from California to Boston. I'm not looking forward to whatever I have to endure for pre-boarding. Since I have a walker, I assume we might be doing some disassembling. Terrorists are willing to booby-trap Red Cross ambulances, why not a walker? But, I will abide by the rules, whatever they are. I just can't see trying to explain to Jesus, why I insisted on dying on a flight because of my little jar of Tender Touch Tushie Wash.

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MacPhilly said...

Well, being the flyer in question, I can tell you the good news is that I was able to carry on my gadgets as usual on a domestic flight. I did however have to store my Blistex, I lost my saline and couldn't bring any drinks on the plane.

As to the talk show host, alas, he's correct. We have lost our way of life, the check throughs are generally pathetic (I'm not gonig into all the detail but I could have probably gotten through with a lot of stuff with next to no effort) AND we've taken one more step in trading our liberty for "safety." Martial law won't be that far away. Of course, this guy will be the first one to encourage us to trust the government to take care of us - right until they eliminate all the gays because the liberal leaders are just using them as a tool and really can't stand them - and they certainly don't fit in with their visions of the future!