Thursday, August 24, 2006

Playground: The New Blogger. Beta!

Some of you LOVE HTML. I'm getting used to the idea of actually having to cuddle up and get close to it and CSS, but give me drag and drop any day! I am amazed how I have resisted changing my blog template. I hate the color scheme that is in regular displays - various colors of orange - but it is BEAUTIFUL in reverse video! So, you're just gonna have to live with it for awhile, as to change it will blow away my "cool links" and other changes I've made. (A fate almost worse then death!)

This editor isn't much different from the old one, at least at the data entry stage. We'll continue to 'explore' as I cobble together this post.

Doesn't appear to be much new on the WYSIWYG entry side of things... Now for what I desperately need the most THE SPELLCHECKER!

All works well, but if the spellchecker thinks something is wrong, the only way to turn off the highlighting is to switch your editing mode. HTML to Compose, or vice versa.

Now, to publish. Which is now faster. I'll have more serious content shortly. But I just had to chime on on the blogger.beta debate. I say:

Good Job Blogger!

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