Thursday, August 17, 2006

Plantronics: A Business That Does It Right... How Refreshing!

To protect the guilty, I will not name the $60 piece of junk, headset I purchased. In absolute frustration, I went to the Apple Store and begged their customer representative to sell me a headset which would last more then fifteen days. They introduced me to Plantronics. For $79 I got a beautiful computer headset with noise canceling stuff, in-line volume and mute control plus some other features I don't even pretend to understand.

I'm under headsets all day. I'm either doing computer telephony, listening to, or recording something. After three months my audio cut out. Ironically, I'd just been asked to record a small bit for a pod cast. To add to the above, I'm on the road at the moment and won't be returning home until sometime next week.

Like most customers, I have receipts saved on the computer, but don't remember product numbers, purchase dates, or especially serial numbers. Figuring I'd be in for another chat with someone from India, I braced myself to:

"be nice, no matter what happens."

Friends, Apple gave me a fourteen day warranty, but Plantronics warranty is good for a YEAR! I got a representative who was a NATIVE English reader and speaker. (Oh, be still my heart!) Laurel found my records, gave me clear and simple instructions AND presented the wonderful news that the replacement would be shipping as soon as she received my information, via email!

I'm so accustomed to being lied to, baited and switched or "legally claused" to death, I didn't trust Plantronics website. With a knowing smirk I skimmed their assertion about priding themselves on providing excellent quality customer service.

There are times, when being wrong is a blessing!

So, if you need accessories for your cell phone, computer, etc., check these folks out.

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